At International Experience, we believe that learning about other cultures, languages, and customs is the best way to dispel prejudices and embrace global citizenship.


Welcome Families: Short-term commitment, BIG impact!

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Be Part of Something BIG

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Top 7 Reasons to Host a German Exchange Student!

Add a little GERMAN to your family! WHY? We’re glad you asked! #1 – LEARN how to make a truly fantastic schnitzel! (Martha Stewart, eat your heart out!) #2 –… Read more »

A Place to Call HOME

What does hosting an exchange student REALLY look like? You might be surprised to find that IE students don’t need a lot of possessions, excursions, or special treatment. What DO they need?… Read more »

What to Expect When You're Expecting

Expecting an exchange student? You might be feeling the normal “pre-arrival jitters” as you anticipate the beginning of this adventure! But no matter how long you’ve been preparing, your student… Read more »