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December 12, 2017

Working with Exchange STudents... (1)

Working with Exchange Students: The Gift that Keeps On Giving!

Local Coordinators are truly the unsung heroes of student exchange: they find host families, mentor students, and offer seamless support throughout the exchange year. The gift they give students and... Read more »

November 21, 2017

Because of YOU...

Because of YOU…

We hear story after story of lives radically altered because of ONE simple decision: to study abroad as an exchange student. When a family opens their home to host, they’re... Read more »

November 16, 2017

Maybe... (1)

International Education Week: MAYBE…

The long flight from Germany is over. Henrik’s smiling host family has collected his luggage, and in the quiet of his room he unpacks old relics into his new life.... Read more »

November 14, 2017

is study abroad worth it

International Education Week: Is Studying Abroad Worth It?

Austrian student Kathi Schedl came as an exchange student in 2015, and 10 months later she left what had become a second home in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin. Back home in Austria,... Read more »

November 13, 2017

kids with flags

International Education Week: Bringing the WORLD Home

In November, the world pauses to reflect upon the value and impact of “global learning.” International Education Week, November 13-17, engages world leaders from more than 100 countries who pledge support of one... Read more »