iE provides a personalized, relationship-focused platform in which international students, their host families, and their host communities connect, relate, and explore both the differences that define us as well as the similarities that unite us.  We provide opportunities for meaningful cultural exchange, helping to create a world where cultural diversity is valued and celebrated.


Provide education, support and guidance that enables cultural experiences built upon real relationships while promoting understanding, cooperation, and growth between students, their host families, and their host communities.


Learn:To cultivate awareness and acceptance in an ever-changing world.
Share:To embrace all customs, beliefs, and the strength that comes through diversity. 
Grow:To celebrate the transformation of each society shaped by positive cultural exchange. 
Commit:To invest in our future.
Connect:To ensure a personal approach where individuals matter. 

  • Younger people are our future. Broadening and opening their minds at an age when they are developing their identity helps them to become well-rounded intellectually and allows them to base their own life philosophy on firsthand experience and knowledge.
  • Stereotypes and prejudices can be lessened, and often erased, after sharing a year in another culture. The student and family are able to look beyond physical appearances, language, and cultural differences.
  • Host families benefit from having a new member of their family who can bring another culture into their home, breaking down the barriers that often lead to misunderstanding. Often, relationships are formed that last a lifetime.
  • Host families enjoy sharing their culture, beliefs, and lifestyle with their international students. Through sharing their culture, host families gain a renewed appreciation of their own culture when looking at it with a new set of eyes.
  • Schools benefit by learning about other educational systems and teaching methods. The school’s student body benefits by working side by side with students from other cultures. Long-lasting friendships are developed between classmates and the international students.