Give the Gift of Cultural Understanding. Become an iE-USA Sponsor!

Today’s youth are hungry for international experiences that will shape their character and impact the future.

With the support of people like you, these students hope to make a difference in the world we share!

Your Gift Will Open Doors for Youth Across the World.

Consider Mya from Burma, a young and bright-eyed student whose family simply can’t afford a student exchange experience. Our scholarship fund offers the chance for students like Mya to study abroad. A cultural immersion experience in the United States may mean a world of change for Mya, for her community, and for those she gets to know while living abroad. As Mya encounters new ways of thinking about the world, she will also share a worldview that is uniquely her own. When she returns home, she will be equipped to inspire growth, to take an active role in her community, and to act on the life lessons learned while on exchange. Join us as we work to offer more cultural opportunities for students just like Mya. We will use 100% of your donation to help fund our needs based scholarships.

Global Awareness – It Begins With Our Youth!

A study abroad experience is much more than a personal adventure for one high school student. Each exchange has the power to build cross-cultural connections, expand worldviews, and encourage understanding. If you have experienced cultural exchange in your own life, you know first-hand the benefits of engaging with a new culture and a new perspective.

Did Cultural Exchange Change Your Life? Pay it Forward!

If you were touched by student exchange, will you consider paving the way for others by becoming a sponsor? Perhaps your life was changed when you studied abroad years ago. Perhaps you watched in amazement as the student you hosted last year slowly came out of his shell and showed a new personal confidence. Perhaps you simply love the idea of creating a better world through global awareness. iE-USA Sponsorship is for you!

Our needs based scholarships are created for high school student applicants who demonstrate a sincere interest in cultural exploration as well as academic merit. Scholarship funds are applied to offset costs for international flights, visa application fees, and language proficiency exams. These funds will also support a student's academic expenses (books, school supplies, etc.).