Most students and their host families remain friends for life.

Why Host an International Student?

Hosting an international student offers a life-changing experience for the entire family that lasts well after the time of the exchange.      

Our students originate from around the world including:
Argentina   Austria   Brazil   Chile   Colombia   Czech Republic   Denmark   Dominican Republic   Ecuador   Finland   Germany   Italy   Liberia   Mexico   Montenegro   Poland   Serbia   Spain   Sweden    Switzerland   Thailand   Turkey   and  Ukraine

Host Families Provide:

  • A non-inflatable, permanent bed. Students may share a room with a host sibling of the same gender and similar age.
  • Three meals a day. Students electing to purchase lunch at school instead of packing a lunch should also pay for that extra expense.
  • Help with transportation at times, since students cannot drive. Students may ride the school bus and/or arrange to get rides from friends and neighbors.

Students Provide:

  • Their own spending money for all personal expenses including school and sports fees, personal entertainment, clothes, souvenirs, etc.
  • Their own medical insurance.

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Experience Another Culture in Your Own Home!

  • Learn about your student’s cultural norms and perspectives.
  • Model cultural acceptance and global service as a life lesson for your own children.
  • Learn a new language or practice the language you are currently learning.

Why Host With iE-USA?

  • iE-USA is a small student exchange organization devoted to hands-on care of each student and family participating in our program.
  • Our local coordinators live near their student placements so that they can always be available when needed.
  • iE-USA students are carefully screened through an in-home interview and application process, including academics, teacher recommendations, and social maturity.
  • All students have a tested level of English proficiency.
  • Students are required to maintain strong academic standing and moral character while they are program participants.