Jason from Myanmar (Burma)

We are proud to recognize Jason from Myanmar (Burma). His teacher nominated him to join a prestigious after school art program at the West Michigan Center for Arts and Technology (WMCAT).  Jason participates in two classes in the program and spends four nights a week at WMCAT.  He also regularly helps out in an after school-tutoring program.  At school Jason has taken a refugee from Afghanistan under his wing, and is helping him navigate his high school’s busy halls as well as assisting this student with English and cultural challenges. Jason does all this while maintaining a 4.0 GPA.

Jason's future plans include possibly returning to the United States to attend a University.  Jason's host family is very proud of his accomplishments.  He has gone "all-in" with this exchange and is learning many new things.  He represents the best of what it means to be an IE Exchange Student.

Chiara from Italy

Congratulations to our Star Student Chiara, from Italy. As a high school senior in Michigan, she is making every moment count in her exchange year. Chiara is maintaining high marks while taking a full course load including US History, Chemistry and History. She is also a member of the school choir and orchestra. This past fall Chiara jumped right in and had a key role in the school’s musical Bye Bye Birdie. “I loved being part of the musical and dancing. It was so much fun getting to know every one,” remarks Chiara. Twice a month Chiara volunteers her time with a school club in various community service projects Her favorite projects are ones in which she gets to work with younger students. “It has really helped reinforce the idea that I want to work with children in the future and become an elementary school teacher when I finish my university studies one day,” says Chiara.

Outside of school Chiara enjoys spending time with her host family and friends. She and her host mom have a regular date at a local Zumba class. It is one of her favorite activities. Chiara is actively involved with a community church and their youth group where she plays the guitar.

“Before I came here I had all of these thoughts about what I thought Americans were like, what I had seen in movies, what my friends had told me but now that I am here and I live and go to school with people I see that people in the US, in this community, have such big hearts. I see that this is such a welcoming place. I love it. I love that I have all these new friends.”

We love that Chiara is making the most of her year abroad. It is great to see that she is getting involved at school and her community. Keep up the great work Chiara!

Marija from Germany

Marija from Germany is no stranger to student exchange. Both her cousin and Uncle are former exchange students to the United States, however, she is the first girl from her family to spend a year abroad with a host family and attend an American high school.  Her experience so far has been all and more than she had hoped for. As a sophomore Marjija played volleyball for her school’s team in the fall and participated on the competitive cheer team over the winter. This spring she plans on joining the track and field team. “I just love the school spirit here and seeing how everyone really gets into the games. It is so different from back home,” says Marija. iE is proud to recognize Marjia as one of our Star students. Not only is she highly involved with her school she is taking a very busy academic schedule including advanced biology and advanced chemistry in the same semester! Great job Marija. Keep up the great work!

Marc from Germany

Marc, an exchange student from Germany, attends school in Michigan. He was among 25  high school students that recently attended the Michigan Youth in Government State Conference in Lansing, MI along with over 700 students from across the state to debate, plead a case, and learn about the democratic process.

Marc is also a member of the Model Judiciary Program, which consists of a mock trial competition and a judicial review process. Marc's high school has two mock trial teams for the first time in many years and Marc is an important member of the team. Marc also had the honor of acting as Supreme Court Justice in the judicial review process and won the "Spirit of the Law" Award. This award was given to only one student in the state! A victorious learning experience for Marc as  his High School's Youth in Government student! Congratulations Marc on a wonderful achievement and serving such an important role for your host school this year!

Masa from Montenegro

Masa, an 11th grader from Montenegro participated in this year’s Colorado Family, Career and Community Leaders of America STAR Event Fashion Design Competition. Through this competition Masa developed a fashion label, researched market demographics and trends, designed a collection, investigated target retailers, developed a plan to implement the line and created a collection sample.  She not only competed against students from across the state, she earned a perfect score of 100.  Masa will now move on to the National Leadership Conference in San Antonio this summer where she will represent the state of Colorado. This exceptionally talented young woman is certainly a Star iE student! Congratulations Masa!
Masa is even being celebrated in her home country of Montenegro for her achievement. Click Here to Link to Link to an article published on Pobejda!