Student Exchange In the News

Spanish foreign exchange student Alvaro Amigo dominates on soccer field, adjusts to living in U.S.
(Otisville Lakeville Memorial 10/2/14)* 

Hosting an Exchange Student Provides Cultural Experience
(Liberty Hill Leader 6/26/14)* 

Exchange Students Enjoy Their Time in San Antonio
(San Antonio Express 6/10/14)*

Exchange Students Love the Alamo City
(San Antonio Express 6/10/14)*

Foreign Exchange Student Falls in Love with Alamo City
(San Antonio Express 6/10/14)*

German exchange students reflect on time at Dowagiac Union High
(Dowagiac Daily News 6/5/14)* 

Greenville's Almqvist Wins Title; First Local Athlete To Punch Ticket To This Year's Fling
(Greenville Sun 4/23/2014)*

Montenegro exchange student didn’t expect cold Fence winter
(Iron Mountain Daily News 4/21/2014)* 

Italian student learns to 'fly' as a Flivver
(Iron Mountain Daily News 3/22/2014)* 

First time away from home for German student visiting Niagara
(Iron Mountain Daily News 3/20/2014)* 

Burmese exchange student's eyes open to a different kind of learning
(Northfield News 3/1/2014)

Spotlight on your (temporary) Hutto neighbor: Jana Marie
(The Hutto News 2/26/2014)*

U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan Webcast: "Mapping the Nation"
( 11/18/2013)

Your Neighbor: The Exchange Student From Japan 
(Magic 11/10/13)

Exchange Students Run Mile in Our Shoes
(The Post - Crescent 10/17/13)

Lukannek's Gold's Highlight Successful State Meet for Carl Albert Swimming
(East World News 2/21/13)*

Exchange Student Gets a 'Kick' Out of St Peter High School Life
(St. Peter Herald 2/14/13)

High School Swimming: German Foreign Exchange Student Anka Lukannek has made Carl Albert teammates work harder
(The Oklahoman 1/18/13)*

Broadening Your Horizons
(Co Sozo 9/30/12)*

Radio Interview with Marquette, Michigan Local Coordinator: Cristina Anderson

Gobles Family Provides American Experience for German Boy
(The Courier Leader 4/2/12)*

American Students Get New Perspectives Abroad 
(Press Democrat 2/26/2012)

Chinese Student Gives Perspective On Life In New Host City 
(Auburn Pub 2/6/12)

English is Global, Why Learn Another Language? 
(NY Times OpED 1/29/12)

Rick Steves: Study Abroad is Necessity, Not Luxury 
(USA Today 1/23/2012)

An Exchange Student's First Impressions of America: Florida 
(BBC 8/2/10)

Upper Arlington host families sought for exchange students 
(ThisWeek Community News (8/17/11)*

Exchange Student Spends Holidays Thousands of Kilometers from Home 
(Vulcan Advocate 12/30/09)

Finland Native Fitting in Nicely with East/Loyola 
(Mankato Free Press 12/23/09)*

German Exchange Student Learns Football 
(Atascadero News 11/30/09)

Swedish Exchange Student Has First Thanksgiving 
(Cleburne Times-Review 11/29/09)

Building Bridges Through Student Exchange
(The News 2/14/09)*