Private Schools: Working with iE-USA

Accredited by the Council on Standards for International Educational Travel (CSIET), we pride ourselves on being a hands-on organization that can provide 24-hour personal support to each of our students and families. A Local Coordinator from iE-USA will work closely with you in all steps of the student's registration process and is available to address any questions or issues that may arise throughout the year.

iE-USA Services

  • iE-USA provides the school admissions office with our iE Student Application Packet, including certified academic records, teacher recommendation letters and assessments of English level proficiency.
  • iE-USA screens and vets host families in compliance with U.S. Department of State regulations.
  • iE-USA students are covered by a comprehensive health insurance plan.
  • iE-USA Local Coordinators serve as the student's mentor, counselor and family representative throughout the exchange program.
  • iE-USA provides student and family orientations and ongoing support meetings throughout the exchange program.

School Requirements

  • The Department of State requires a School Acceptance Form to be signed and dated by a school officer or admissions official before a student may depart from his or her country of origin. The iE-USA representative will provide the school with this form.
  • At the school's discretion, a student is enrolled in classes of the appropriate grade level based on academic history and student aptitude.
  • A student does not expect to receive a diploma or certificate of completion unless this was discussed prior to admission.

Student Visas

Most private school bound students travel on F-1 visas. An F-1 visa, regulated by the Department of Homeland Security, is an educational visa that allows a student to live in the United States while he or she attends high school (or university).