Local Coordinator (LC) Application

If you are interested in learning more about the local coordinator position, please complete and submit the application below.

IE Local Coordinator (LC) Application


LC Application

Are you authorized to work in the U.S.?*

Are you at least 25 years of age?*

Do you have a reliable means of transportation and a valid driver’s license?*

Do you have regular access to a computer and the internet?*

Have you had any contact with any Child Protection Agencies in the Past?*

Have you ever been convicted of any crimes other than traffic violations, including sex-related or child abuse offenses?*

What is your highest level of education?*

Are you currently, or have you previously, worked or hosted for another student exchange organization?*

The LC position can consist of two major areas of responsibility: 1. Recruiting host families and making placements, and 2. Supervising students while they are on exchange in the U.S. What are you most interested in?*

LCs are able to recruit host families and supervise students within 120 miles of their home. How far are you willing to travel to recruit a host family and/or supervise a student?*

EMPLOYMENT - Current Employer

EMPLOYMENT - Former Employer

Please list three references who are NOT related to you. At least two professional references must be your current or previous direct supervisor or manager. 1